Ayubowan !

Sigiriya- 8th Wonder of the World

Sigiriya fortress is built by king Kashyapa (477 AD - 495 AD) who killed his father for the throne and due to the need of a protection from his brother Mugalan.

This is a wonderful construction because of the technologies used to built the fortress. It contains water gardens, pathways and sanitary systems too.

              A rock cut pool on the top of Sigiriya                                                                  A moat around Sigiriya

                          A fountain of Sigiriya                                                                                  Garden below

There are some another amazing creations like mirror wall which was used to write poems called "Kurutu Gee" about Sigiriya by ancient Sri Lankans. Many of those poems can be still found on the wall although lots of them are destroyed. Another one is Sigiri frescoes painted inside a small cave on the rock. These are somewhat similar to Ajantha frescoes.

                                      Mirror Wall                                                                                           Sigiri Frescoes