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Anuradhapura Kingdom

This is a world famous kingdom because of its well designed sanitary systems, gardens, temples and this kingdom was the capital of tha country for centuries.

King Pandukabhaya - From 437 BC to 367 BC

King Pandukabhaya who was mentioned in Thammanna Kingdom is Unmada Chithra's son. He could take the throne from his uncles and got all the tribes and royalists under his throne. He built the first reservoir called "Abhayavapi" and shrines for "Chithraraja" and "Kalawela" who were his protectors. He was married to the princess "Swarnapali", his sister in low and ruled the country for great 70 years.

Then his son King "Mutasiwa" becomes the ruler of the country and he rules the country for peaceful 60 years (367 BC - 307 BC ). Well known "Mahamewna Uyana" is an initiative of King "Mutasiwa". Next king was Mutasiwa's son "Dewanampiyatissa".

King Dewanampiyatissa - From 307 BC to 267 BC

This is the greatest time period in Sri Lanka's history because of the arrival of Buddhism. He had an early friendship with King "Ashoka" who ruled a province in India, and king Ashoka sent Buddhism to SriLanka as a gift. For this purpose he sent his son "Mahinda" thera and another five monks called "Ittiya" "Uththiya" "Sambala" "Baddhasala" and "Sumana" samanera.

According to "Mahavansa" story, King "Dewanampiyatissa" was out for hunting and he has met Mahinda thera and others near "Mhintale". Then the king and his followers have been converted to Buddhism.


The location of Mahinda thera's arrival

After the conversion to Buddhism, lots of temples, dageba's were built. The first dageba of the country is "Thuparamaya" which was built by king Dewanampiyatissa enshrined Lord Buddha's collarbone. Another temple constructed by him is the ancient temple "Isuruminiya".


The next important incident is the arrival of "Sri Maha Bodhiya" which is a sapling from the original Bodhi tree under which Lord Buddha became enlightened.

It was brought by Theri "Sangamiththa", daughter of King Ashoka from India and it was planted in 288 BC, in Anuradhapura by king Dewanampiyatissa. It is the known oldest tree in the world.

Sub Kingdom - Magama

According to the story King Dewanampiyatissa's wife has tried to kill his brother "Mahanaga" by poisoning him because she wanted her son to be the king after Dewanampiyatissa. But the plan didn't work and Mahanaga have left Anuradhapura and gone to "Magama" (Ruhunu area). That's the begining of another kingdom in the country.

Next king of Magama kingdom was Mahanaga's son "Yatalatissa". After him the throne of Magama goes to his son "Gotabaya" and then to gotabaya's son "Kavantissa".

"Kiri Vehera" at Thissa Maharamaya said to be constructed by king "Mahanaga"


Sub Kingdom - Kelaniya

king Yatalatissa's another son "Kelanitissa" has built another sub kingdom at Kelaniya and that's the beginning of another sub kingdom.

Kelani Viharaya, built by king Kelanitissa and it's paintings are below.


At that time there have been a situation like Tsunami and according to the story, this was due to killing a Thera by the king. The only solution to placate the situation was sending a person from royal family to the sea.

The famous princess "Viharamaha Devi" is the doughter of king Kelanitissa. Then princess Devi volunteered for that and she was placed in a golden boat and set out to see to placate it. Therefore she is considered as a brave women of the nation.

Fortunately the boat came to Magama coast and king Kavantissa's people found it with the princess.

This the statue of Viharamaha Devi, near Ruwanweli Seya.

Kirinda is the place where Viharamaha Devi was found by king Kavantissa's people and presently there's a temple.

Then she was married to king Kavantissa and had two sons called "Dutugemunu" and "Saddhatissa".

This is considered as the "Magul Poruwa" of king Kavantissa and Queen Viharamaha Devi.


Back to Anuradhapura Kingdom

After king Dewanampiyatissa, the rulers of Anuradhapura kingdom were his three brothers "Utthiya" (10 years), "Mahasiva" (10 years), "Suratissa" (10 years). Then two Tamil horse sellers ("Sena" and "Gutthika")who came from India have taken the throne by killing king Suratissa and have ruled Anuradhapura for 22 years. King Suratissa's brother "Asela" has then killed two Tamil rulers and ruled the kingdom for 10 years. "Elara" who is another Tamil from India has come here and taken the throne from king Asela and has been the ruler for 40 years.


King Dutugemunu - From 161 BC to 137 BC

Then a conversion point of Sri Lankan history occurs with the war of prince "Dutugemunu", son of king Kavantissa and Viharamaha Devi, against Tamil king Elara. Prince Dutugemunu was very motivative to defeat Tamils and to take the throne back to Sinhalese but his father Kavantissa prevented him from it wisely until he and the country get enough strength for a war. Once he flee away to Kothmale because of the unsatisfactory with his father.

After king Kavantissa's death prince Dutugemunu came back to Magama and went for the war having his mother Viharamaha Devi and some Theros at the war front. He was able to defeat the enemy king Elara and to unite the country once again.

He is said to be a great king because not only he united the country but served country and Buddhism well. He constructed many temples including "Ruwanweli Maha Seya" and "Mirisaweriya".


another wonderful construction of king Dutugemunu is "Lowamaha Paya" which was offered Buddhist Theros. It was upstairs monastery and today we can see only the ground floor.

Saliya - Ashokamala

King Dutugemunu had a son called "Saliya" and he he felt in love with "Ashokamala" who was a low cast lady but an unbelievable beauty. Prince Saliya did not mind her cast and he married her rejecting even the crown. This Saliya - Ashokamala story is a very famous love story and Prince Saliya is said to be a true lover who rejected the crown because of his true love. The belief is that the statue at Isurumuniya called "Isurumuni pem yuwala" represents Saliya and Ashokamala.

Therefore the throne of Sri Lanka was passed to king Dutugemunu's brother king Saddhatissa (137 BC to 119 BC), after him. He completed the construction of Ruwanveli Maha Seya after king Dutugemunu's death as Dutugemunu couldn't complete it.

Then king Saddhatissa's eldest son "Thullathanatissa" (119 BC) gets the throne and then his brother "Lajjitissa"(118 BC - 109 BC) gets it by killing King Thullathanatissa. Then the throne is passed to his brother "Bhallatanaga" (109 BC - 104 BC). After King Bhallatanaga's death his brother "Walagamba" (youngest son of king Saddhatissa) became the ruler and he married king Bhallatanaga's wife "Anula" and she became the chief queen taking his previous queen Soma's place.

After one year king Walagamba had to leave the capital and hide because he was defeated by five tamils called "Pulahattha" "Bahiya" "Panaya Mara" "Piliya Mara" "Datika". They ruled the country from 104 BC to 88 BC. When the king and his family including queens Soma and Anula, Anula's son "Tissa" and Soma's son "Naga", were followed by tamils, Queen Soma got down from the cart for others and the nations sake. Therefore she is considered as a great lady of the nation like Viharamaha Devi.

King Walagamba - From 88 BC to 76 BC.

Finally king Walagamba could defeat the Tamils and get the throne back from them. When he was followed by Tamils, a Niganta called "Giri" has shouted out insulting the King and the Sinhala nation and after return of the king he killed that Niganta and constructed a monastary called "Abayagiriya" in that place for monks.

                            Abayagiriya Dageba                                                                                    Samadhi Buddha Statue

King Walagamba used to hide in Dambulla caves for his protection and he got help to be protected from the monks who were meditating at those caves. Today those caves have become a temple called "Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya". There is a water spring on the roof of a cave which never get dry and water drops are collected to a copper bowl.

    Water direction on the ceeling.

The next ruler was King Ballatanaga and Queen Anula's son tissa, taking the name "Mahachuli Mahatissa" (76 BC - 62 BC). Then king walagamba and Queen Soma's son "Naga" (Choranaga) - 62 BC to 50 BC became the king. He got the name "Choranaga" because he lived as a rebel and that was due to passing the throne to Mahachuli Mahatissa, not to him, from his father. He ruled the country for 12 years and he was poisoned and killed. There are two beliefs about the killer. One is his wife Anula and the other one is king's chef who was motivated by Mahachuli Mahatissa's second son (he was a monk at Maha Viharaya). This monk has done many things against "Choranaga" by spreading false propaganda.

After Choranaga's death, Mahachuli Mahatissa's eldest son "Kudatissa" (50 BC - 47 BC) became the king because Choranaga had no children. King Kudatissa also was poisoned and then the ruler was a minister called "Siva" marrying Choranaga's wife Anula. Like this, another three person "Vatuka" "Daruhatikatissa" "Vasuki" became the husband of Anula and the king as well with in a year.

Queen Anula - From 46 BC to 42 BC.

After Vasuki's death,Queen Anula became the owner of the throne and she was the first Queen of the country. She ruled the country for 4 years and she was killed by Mahachuli Mahatissa's second son (the monk stated above) "Kutakannatissa" (42 BC - 20 BC)and his reign was 22 years.

The next king was his brother (Mahachuli Mahatissa's youngest son) "Bhatikabhaya" (20 BC - 08 AD)and he ruled the country for peaceful 28 years. The belief is that he was a one of 3 kings who visited for the birth of Jesus from east (notice the transition from BC to AD). The the crown goes to his son "Mahadatika Mahanaga" (9 AD - 21 AD) and then his son "Amandagamini Abhaya" (21 AD - 30 AD) rules the country.

King Amandagamini was killed by his brother "Kanirajanutissa" (30 AD - 33 AD) and Amandagamini's wife, son "Chulabhaya" and daughter "Sinhawalli" had flew away to Tivakka village. After few years Chulabhaya (33 AD - 35 AD)could get the crown from king Kanirajanutissa.

Queen Sinhawalli - 35 AD

Then king Chulabhaya's younger sister Sinhawalli became the Queen. She was the second queen of Sri Lanka. After a year she is married to her brother - in law "Ilanaga" (35 AD - 44 AD) and gave the crown to him. King Ilanaga was defeated by a Lambakarna monarchs has flew away to Chola in India with sinhawalli. However he has come back and taken the crown back. Then his son "Chandramukasiva" (44 AD - 52 AD) has taken the crown.

After him, his son "Yasalalakatissa" (52 AD - 60 AD)became the king and then somehow the crown has passed to his door keeper "Subharaja"(60 AD - 66 AD).

King Vasabha - From 66 AD to 110 AD

Vasabha had a relation with Lambakarna monarchs and his uncle was a minister of King Subharaja. He was angry with his uncle because he had married Vasabhas girl friend "Meththa" by force. However uncle also wanted to kill Vasabha and as a trick he informed the king that, a person named Vasabha. Then the king began to kill all the people who has that name. Oneday Vasabha was cheated by his uncle to take him to the king but Meththa informed Vasabha about the trap and later Vasabha killed both the king and his uncle. Then he became the king and Meththa became the queen.

Next king was king Vasabhas son "Vankanasikatissa" (110 AD - 113 AD). In the reign of king Vankanasikatissa, a Tamil king who came from Chola kidnapped 12000 Sinhalese and took them to his country. His son king "Gajabahu" (113AD - 134 AD) brought them back and another 12000 Tamils too. The next king was king Gajabahus son "Mahallaka Naga" (134 AD - 140 AD) and then his son "Bathiyatissa" (140 AD - 164 AD)and he constructed the "Kiripalu Vehera".

Next kings of Sri Lanka were king Bathiyatissas son "Kanittatissa" (164 AD - 182 AD), his son "Bujjanaga" (182 AD - 185 AD), his son "Kunchanaga" (185 AD - 186 AD), his brother "Sirinaga" (186 AD - 205 AD), his son "Voharikatissa" (205 AD - 227 AD), his son "Abhayanaga" (227 AD - 235 AD), his son "Srinaga" (235 AD - 237 AD), his son "Vijalinda" (237 AD) and his son "Sangatissa" (238 AD - 242 AD).

King Sirisangabo - From 242 AD - 244 AD

Then a great king became a ruler of the country named Sirisangabo. He flew away to the forest after the arrival of king "Gotabhaya" (244 AD - 257 AD). King Gotabhaya took the crown from king Sirisangabo and he ordered to take the head of king Sirisangabo whos was living in the forest, to varify that he is dead. Then people began to cut off so many heads and take them to the king pretending as the head of Sirisangabo. After hearing this, king Sirisangabo cut his own neck and told a farmer to take it to the king Gotabhaya. He is considered as the future Buddha and he full filed the "Dana Paramitha" by this .

Then king Gotabhaya built a temple at this place and it is Aththanagalla Viharaya.


King Gotabhayas two sons "Detutissa" and "Mahasen" had a Mahayana monk called "Sangamithra" as their teacher and that monk was against Theravada Buddhism. Therefore he taught Mahayana Buddhism to little princes against Theravada Buddhism. After king Gotabhayas death, his elder son "Detutissa" (257 AD - 276 AD) and during his reign monk Sangamithra left Sri Lanka and lived in India hoping to come back in prince Mahasens reign.

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