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Thammanna Kingdom

Thammanna kingdom is considered as the first kingdom of Sri Lanka and the pre history of Sri Lanka begins at this point too.

King Vijaya – From 543 BC to 505 BC

King Vijaya is the eldest son of King Sinhabahu who was a provincial King in nothern India, and Suppa dewi. That province in India was called "Vagu" at that time.

due to prince Vijaya's mischievous behavior he was expelled from India with 700 followers by his father King Sinhabahu . The ship carrying Vijaya and followers was harbored at thammanna coast in Sri Lanka.

A paint from Ajantha frescos which shows the arrival of Vijaya and 700 followers

Then Vijaya was able defeat local tribes and to get the crown from the tribe King “Maha Kalasena” who ruled the country at that time with the help of tribe princess “Kuweni” and Kuweni became the wife of Vijaya.

Kuweni and Vijaya had two children called "Jeewahaththa" and "Disala". For the legal coronation of King "Vijaya" he wanted a princess from his cast, from India. So Kuweni was expelled from the kingdom with her children and Vijaya is married to the Indian princess.

Then Kuweni was killed by her relatives and Jeewahaththa and Disala were gone to tribes called "Pulinda" who lives in jungle. Therefore the belief is that Veddhas are decendents of Vijaya's and Kuwenis children.

Veddha people who still lives in Wanni, Sorabora areas

There was not an owner for the Sri Lanka's crown after Vijaya because he had no children from the Indian princess. So after his death "Upathissa" who was a follower of Vijaya ruled the kingdom for one year (from 505 BC to 504 BC)and capital was moved to "Upathissa Grama". Then Vijaya's brother Sumiththa's son called "Panduwasdew" comes to Sri Lanka due to the invitation sent by Vijaya before his death.

King Panduwasdew – From 504 BC to 474 BC

King Panduwasdew ruled the country keeping Upathissagama as the capital. He also needed an Indian high cast princess for his coronation. The princess "Badrakachchana" who came as his wife was a close relative of Lord Buddha as her grandfather was King Suddhodana's(father of Lord Buddha) brother "Amithodana".

King Panduwasdew and Badrakachchana had 10 sons and one daughter called "Unmada Chithra". She got this name because of her killing beauty. Her 10 brothers kept her in a tower house, "Ek tam geya" in Sinhala because they believed that Chithra will have a son and he may kill them for the throne.

However she was able to have a son called "Pandukabhaya" and he was sent to "Doramadalawa" village by Chithra to protect him from her brothers. The belief is that Pandukabhaya's father was the tribe prince "Chithraraja" who was able to climb the tower. Prince Pandukabhaya prepared for a war with the help of tribes and finally killed his Uncles except the eldest "Abaya" who ruled the kingdom for 20 years (from 474 BC to 454 BC)after Panduwasdew's death, because he helped to protect Pandukabhaya from others in many times. After becoming the King of Sri Lanka, Pandukabhaya moves the Capital to Anuradhapura.

King Pandukabhaya's statue

There's a horse head in the left of the statue and it's called Pandukabhaya's horse he had during the war

Thats the end of Thammanna Kingdom and next you are kindly invited to visit Anuradhapura Kingdom which begins with King Pandukabhaya.