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Geographical location and the map

Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, near major Indian Ocean sea lanes. some people may know it by names like "Ceylon", "Taprobane", "Serendib" and "Thambapanni". Sri Lanka is a tropical country which is located near equator.


The gold lion is an ancient symbol of the nation and it mainly represents the pride of the nation.Sword stands for authority. The green and orange strips represent the minority Muslims and Tamils. The dark red area represents the majority Sinhalese and yellow areas for Buddhism. Four bo leaves in the corners represent four Sublime States (love, compassion, sympathy and equanimity) which is a concept in Buddhism.

However, prior to 1815 the original flag of Sri Lanka contained only the gold lion and the dark red area and now the flag has been modified to represent the minority nations too.


The belief is that Sri Lanka has a history over 125,000 years although the recorded history is limited to only 2500 years. Recorded history begins with the King Vijaya and "Thammana Kingdom".

before King Vijaya, there were many kings who ruled the ancient Lanka. Some of them are King "Ravana", King "Kalyana" and many more. According to new discoveries, the belief is that the first king of Lanka is "Maha Sammatha Manu". Next noticable king is "Ravana" who is mentioned in a popular Indian chronicle called "Ramayanaya" describing the war between Rawana and Rama.
NASA has discovered the ancient bridge between Sri Lanka and India which was used by Rama to come Sri Lanka. It is a coral bridge and it is clearly visible in the satellite image below.

Geographical facts which prove the history of 125,000 yrs also have been found from Anuradapura, Balangoda, Hambantota and many other places. The time duration between King "Maha Sammatha Manu" and King "Vijaya" is considered as the Proto History of Sri Lanka.

Several historical kingdoms of Sri Lanka are listed in the right. It begins with "Thammanna Kingdom" - King "Vijaya" and it is the beginning of Pre History of Sri Lanka. Recorded history also begins at this point and its over 2500 yrs. Follow the links and find the beauty and pride of Sri Lanka.(under construction)


I believe Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. A huge area is covered by forests, paddies and rivers. We can enjoy the beauty of sea around the island and the beauty of hill country is not possible to be explained by words.

So you are invited to see the beauty of Sri Lanka. Please follow the links in right hand side.